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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Find out if Simplecedure™– the quick, minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia – can provide the relief you’re looking for.

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Benefits Simplecedure Hospital Surgery
Reduced risk of infection
Lower risk from anesthesia
Quicker recovery time
More personalized care
Lower cost
Familiarity with the setting

What are the most common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  • Weakness gripping objects with hands
  • Pain or numbness in hands
  • “Pins and needles” feeling in fingers
  • Swollen feeling in fingers
  • Burning or tingling in fingers, especially thumb, index
  • and middle fingers
  • Pain or numbness is worse at night, interrupting sleep

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may be similar to other medical conditions or problems. See one of our providers for a diagnosis.

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Advantages to our procedure include:

Lower cost

Simple, in-office procedure

Easy & convenient

Less pain

Less invasive

More time with Doctor

Quick procedure

Drive yourself

Mid-procedure feedback

No general anesthesia

Less pain after procedure

Safer with fewer complications

Fewer pain medications

High success rate

Less interruption to your life

1. Reduced risk of infections

One of the biggest risks of surgery is the possibility of infection. Hospitals are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and despite the best efforts of healthcare workers, infections can still occur. An in-office Simplecedure, on the other hand, is performed in a much cleaner environment. The risk of infection is greatly reduced because the procedure is performed in a controlled, sterile setting.

2. Lower risk from anesthesia

General anesthesia is an essential part of most surgeries and can be a significant risk factor. Anesthesia complications can be severe and potentially life-threatening. With the Simplecedure in-office process, we only require local anesthesia, which is much safer and cause fewer complications than general anesthesia used in hospitals.

3. Quicker recovery times

Having Simplecedure done in the office means that you will go home the same day. In fact, most of our procedures will get you in and out of the office within an hour. This means that you can recover in the comfort of your own home, rather than in a hospital bed. Patients who have in-office procedures also have shorter recovery times and experience less pain and discomfort.

4. More Personalized Care

In a hospital setting, you are often just a number. The staff and doctor may not have the time or resources to provide you with the individualized care and attention you need. With the Simplecedure in-office setting, you will receive personalized care from your physician and their staff with the goal of making your procedure as easy as possible for you and your family members.

5. Lower costs
Hospital stays can be expensive, and the cost of a surgical procedure in a hospital can be astronomical. In-office procedures are often much more affordable because they do not require the same level of resources or facilities as a hospital. And no one wants to spend more money on medical expenses when a more convenient and safer option like Simplecedure is available.
6. Convenience
Having Simplecedure done in an office setting is more convenient than going to a hospital. You can schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. All this means you do not have to worry about the difficult task of navigating a large hospital facility or the night before surgery prep. And with Simplecedure, in most cases, you can drive yourself home.
7. Familiarity with the setting
For many people, hospitals can be intimidating and stressful. Having a Simplecedure done in an office setting can help alleviate most of that anxiety. You are in a familiar setting, surrounded by people you know and trust, and able to talk to the doctor as the procedure is done.

At BetterWay Medical Group, we understand the debilitating effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the importance of finding an effective treatment. That’s why we offer Simplecedure™, a revolutionary approach that provides quick and minimally invasive relief without the need for traditional surgery or general anesthesia. If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient solution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, we’re here to help.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms that affect your daily life. From weakness in gripping objects to pain and numbness in your hands, these symptoms can be disruptive and impact your productivity. With Simplecedure, you can experience a faster and more convenient path to recovery, all while avoiding the hassles associated with hospital stays.

One of the significant advantages of Simplecedure is the reduced risk of infections compared to traditional surgery. Hospitals can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, posing a potential risk to patients. However, our in-office procedure is performed in a controlled and sterile setting, significantly minimizing the risk of infections. Your safety is our priority.

Another benefit is the lower risk of anesthesia. General anesthesia, commonly used in hospital surgeries, carries certain risks and complications. With Simplecedure, we utilize local anesthesia, which is safer and causes fewer complications. This approach ensures a smoother and safer experience for our patients.

When it comes to recovery time, Simplecedure truly shines. Unlike traditional surgery that may require an overnight hospital stay, our in-office procedure allows you to go home on the same day. In fact, most procedures can be completed within an hour, offering you the comfort of recovering in your own home. With shorter recovery times and reduced pain and discomfort, you can get back to your daily activities sooner.

Personalized care is another aspect we prioritize at BetterWay Medical Group. In a hospital setting, you may feel like just another number in the system. However, with Simplecedure, you receive individualized care from our dedicated physicians and staff. We understand the importance of addressing your unique needs and concerns, making the procedure as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones.

Finances are often a significant consideration when it comes to medical procedures. That’s why Simplecedure offers a cost-effective alternative to hospital surgeries. With fewer resources and facilities required, our in-office procedures are generally more affordable. By choosing BetterWay Medical Group, you can receive top-quality care without breaking the bank.

Convenience is another advantage of Simplecedure. Scheduling your appointment is easy, and you can choose a time that suits your busy lifestyle. Avoid the challenges of navigating a large hospital facility and the pre-surgery preparation. With Simplecedure, in most cases, you can even drive yourself home after the procedure, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Lastly, the familiarity of the office setting can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. Hospitals can be intimidating for many people. By opting for Simplecedure at our office, you’ll find yourself in a comfortable and familiar environment. Surrounded by our supportive staff and trusted medical professionals, you can undergo the procedure with confidence and peace of mind.

Don’t let Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hold you back any longer. Contact BetterWay Medical Group today at 469-697-6437 to schedule a consultation and find out if Simplecedure is the right solution for you. Experience the benefits of our quick, minimally invasive procedure, and regain control of your life. Trust us to provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

We Know Hands!

Speak with a specialist.

Find out if Simplecedure™– the quick, minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia – can provide the relief you’re looking for.

Lower Cost, Same Day,
No Hospital Stay

Call us at 469-697-6437 for faster answers OR send us a message and we’ll get back to you right away!